Sunshine State Animal Rescue

The Sunshine State Animal Rescue (SSAR), Inc. is a no-kill animal rescue – foster home based, located in the Navarre, Florida area (Northwest Florida). We offer sanctuary & rehoming for shelter animals, including assessing potential working dog candidates. (501c3 non profit.) All care for animals is dependent totally on donations. No one affiliated with the rescue receives payment or a salary – we are completely volunteer based and dependent on the community. Our board of directors is filled with dedicated professionals – paralegal, nurse, dog trainers, best selling author, and more – all with long term experience in animal shelter and rescue work.

Rescue Founders:
Helen McCasland
Sharon Sansom
V. Morris
Catherine Mann

Training assistance for fosters also provided by seasoned animal handlers such as Sharon Sansom from the Escambia K-9 Search and Rescue.

(Combined 5 decades + of animal rescue/fostering/shelter volunteer/shelter BOD/dog training experience)

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Our Featured Adoptables

Love the passion and dedication this rescue has! They make sure their fur babies are healthy, socialized and ready for their matched families. Follow up after adoptions is wonderful! Love this group.
Jennifer Joyner
It’s a wonderful thing this organization is doing. Saving lives of our furry friends.
Vickie McCavitt
Amazing group of caring individuals. So glad your dreams are now reality. Thanks for all you are doing to help our four legged friends
Judith Solomon Kennedy
Super happy with my rescue pup and sunshine state.
Jeff Baron
So thrilled that this rescue is coming together so well. Cathy Mann has so much heart for these animals…as do the other people involved. It’s just awesome!
Pamela Joy
We need more people like Cathy Mann to stand for animals.
Peggy Johnson
These ladies are AMAZING people and our Angels in disguise. I’m Addy and Sadie’s mom. These ladies have brought security back in our lives that we did not have with not knowing when Addy would have a seizure. Sadie has become a big part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her. Thank you ladies from the bottom of our hearts
Amy Verrett Pond
Great group of dedicated, knowledgeable, compassionate ladies. What a wonderful organization. Navarre is lucky to have them here!
Debbie Dekmar Rivas
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sunshine State Animal Rescue. After 4 years of searching the internet ad nauseam for the perfect dog, I finally found him in the form of a handsome German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, George. Sunshine State Animal Rescue provided him with the best care possible during his stay, and my sweet boy came all neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and micro-chipped. I am so in love and look forward to many adventures with my new best friend. Plus, now I can get my mother off my case about not giving her any grandbabies :)
Sara Baggett
Thank you so much for the help you are giving my family
Cyndie Roughton
An amazing rescue doing wonderful things for these beautiful animals.
Jasmin Marie
We need this in our community. Welcome!
RuthAnn Burleton Malloy
Great Work,,,, we need more of these lady’s We net work with all of our local Rescues,,,,, we do the PTSD Veteran Program and and help with the Home for the Holiday’s Homeless Veteran program. SAFE Haven Horse Rescue Center
James Bryan
This is a group of huge-hearted ladies that are making a real difference for shelter animals!
Sandi Kay
So excited to see this rescue coming to life…. These ladies are the best…. Their love for animals has no bounds…
Vickie Ostrander Gerlach
Love it
Betty Majors